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Would You Opt to Compromise Loyalty for Great Leadership?

E File | Posted on August 10, 2010

This week a series of events led me to ponder the most important question of my professional career...Is it more important to have great leadership or loyalty? In today's era when everything is about the almighty dollar, how do we create a space where employee loyalty is equally as valuable?

Great leadership can create jobs and increase revenue, but employee loyalty keeps you from looking over your shoulder. When today's best and brightest can command the most in resources and compensation, how do we create loyalty? For that matter, what are people loyal to—a person, a company, themselves, money? What holds them and keeps them dedicated to "you"?

Loyalty and great leadership each has its own benefits; great leadership impacts the lives of so many others well beyond the company, but loyalty is essential for the foundation of any great relationship of trust, and after all, how do you work with someone you can't trust? Your thoughts?