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"We must dream beyond our capacity to understand our promise and potential."

~Towan Isom


Towan Isom is the President and CEO of Isom Global Strategies (IGS), an award-winning strategic communications, public relations, and digital advertising firm in Washington, DC. Since starting IGS in her basement 20 years ago, Towan has successfully grown it into a stable business averaging over $5 million in annual revenue since 2013. IGS’ clients have included Nike, Comcast Xfinity, the US Marine Corps, the US Army, GlaxoSmithKline, and numerous other Fortune 500 companies and federal government agencies with a combined revenue in the billions.

Having grown up a stone’s throw from the US Capitol on the south side of DC, Towan has had a heart for this city ever since. She launched her marketing profession in the realm of real-estate design and build. What started as a hobby when she was 23 expanded her net income to more than a million dollars in real estate assets by the time she was 27. Two years later she founded her communications firm while transitioning from BET Networks (a Viacom company) and the public broadcasting giant, PBS. By the time IGS began to take off, Towan had become widely regarded for her expertise in communications, marketing, and leadership — skills she puts to use to this day in her role as CEO of IGS. Clients and partners often cite Towan’s ability to create, 

curate, and cultivate culturally appropriate campaigns. “I grew up in theinner city with a single mom and am largely self-made. I know how to speak to the young guy on the corner, and to the boss in the boardroom. My past has been extremely valuable in my success,” says Towan.

A graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program, Towan funnels her decades-long experience in corporate consulting, marketing, and public relations into her personal brand,  and helping her clients. In hopes that it will inspire and ignite women and young professionals to make their career goals and professional dreams a reality. Most of her day-to-day work includes bringing in revenue, overseeing staff recruitment, developing new business partnerships, and
empowering capacity-building to enable IGS to continue to grow and evolve.

Towan is often referred to as “The Millennial Whisperer.” Working with Millennials from early on, Towan grew her firm 710% in one year and landed on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private small businesses two years in a row. Towan is the leading expert other CEOs call when they want to harness the power of Millennials — to lead, engage, and develop Millennials in the workplace. “There are many ‘Millennial experts’ who have never managed Millennials. I own a business and manage them every day.  I know. 

Marketing & Brand Expert

Past Clients

By 2020, the world will be overwhelmed with people of color, yet ad agency teams include fewer than 10% people of color. With these numbers, something not so smart is destined to happen. Recent brand faux pas by Dove, H&M, Shea Moisture, and Pepsi play in my head, like “You should have known better!” and “Oh, say it isn’t so, here we go … again!”

Diversity in advertising plays out in many ways: an image, a script, the tone, or the subtlety of black women bossing their husband in a commercial – not smart. Not only are these commercials offensive to black women, but they also convey the notion of submissive black men. An empowered advertising executive would say, “My father or brother would never go for that.” As a Diversity Expert, I often have clients who send campaign creative to me for review. My team and I review the creative and often provide suggestions to make the campaigns better, more comprehensive, and more compelling for all people of color, but especially for women and women of color who guide purchasing decisions. 

If your agency does not reflect the United States, you have the wrong agency. Hire firms as Tier 1, not Tier 2. Now that you know better, do better. 

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Navigating a firm with employees is completely different than being a solo entrepreneur with no legal employee obligations.  Optimizing employees is essential as Towan shares in her video here. The reality is that many of us don’t have family, peers, or mentors who run million-dollar businesses; don’t have bank loans or law firms on retainer; and have never written a check for $100,000 to the Internal Revenue Service. I didn’t when I started my business in my basement, but there was so much information to learn – about myself, about people, and, unfortunately, about operations. 

If you are interested in starting and optimizing your business operations, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are all sorts of Millennial Experts, Millennial Consultants, Millennial Motivational Speakers, and Millennial Generation Experts, but what’s hilarious is that very few have hired, managed, and developed Millennials in a for-profit business, which makes what they share all just theory.

Millennials are the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, and managing them isn’t easy. Only after running a business with employees – not as a solo entrepreneur – did I really understand what it’s like to manage Millennials. There are tremendous opportunities to leverage this young talent, and they are extremely talented, if you can get past the fact that they do often seem to feel entitled. Yes, Millennials can be an asset. They can expand your organization and its capabilities, if you have the patience to train and be flexible.

As a Millennial expert, Towan Isom has helped many firms optimize Millennials, establish ways to engage Millennial energy in business practices, and create a recruitment process for getting the best Millennial talent.

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Towan Isom is not your average CEO. An 18-year marketing and public relations veteran, Towan is in the 3% of women-owned businesses with $2 million or more in revenue. With smart acumen and amazing style, Towan takes businesses to the next level.

Towan Isom is the CEO of Isom Global Strategies, a Washington, DC-based strategic communications and PR firm. IGS has earned a ranking in the top 20% of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing, privately-owned companies. Her firm has grown 710% in the past year, fueled by her ability to inspire, mentor and grow these young dynamic professionals using traditional and non-traditional management practices.

Towan’s expertise include: Diversity, Marketing, Managing Millennials, Business Management, Career Strategy, and so much more. She speaks on 21st century leadership, diversity and women’s empowerment. She is the author of the “Managing Millennials Toolkit”, and “Chasing Greatness”: The Young Professional’s Guide to a Dynamic Life.

  • Small Business Influencer
  • Millennial Expert to Executives
  • Career Strategist to Millennials
  • Marketing and brand Expert for People of Color
  • Speaker, Leader, Author to the Masses


Services & Programs

Chasing Greatness

Chasing Greatness: The Young Professional’s Guide to a Dynamic Life digs far deeper than mere professional success. In today’s society, we are plagued by a lack of character that devastates our nation, states, cities, and homes. However, if we are to reach the pinnacle of greatness, we must resolve to cultivate the individual integrity and actively build leadership qualities. Chasing Greatness works to increase your capacity in your professional, personal, and spiritual attributes, so your life is more intentional.

“If we are going to do anything about the next generation of leaders, we must first look at not who we are creating, but what we are creating.”

If we create environments for learning, growth, and self-discovery, we can redefine great leadership, differentiate between managers and motivators, and raise up a workforce energized by both capability and capacity.

Managing Millennials

Get help with millennials now. Managing Millennials: How to Build an Empire with Millennials is a toolkit for Managers and C-suite Executives. The future of our country’s economy is dependent on Millennial’s success in the marketplace. Millennial experts are cropping up everywhere, but very few have grown a business to million dollar revenues with millennials, as Towan has. As CEO of a successful consulting firm with more than 60% millennials. She counsels C-Suite peers on strategies to manage millennials in the workplace. To grow your business, you need to learn how to engage millennials with traditional and non-traditional practices. The Managing Millennials Toolkit offers tips you can immediately implement in your organization to help inspire, guide, and grow millennials. Learn how to identify in the interview phase the short-timers vs. the best Millennials for your organization, navigate different Millennial segments, set expectations that both you and millennials consider achievable, and create a culture program to encourage and knit millennials in your organization for a long-term career.

The Brand Experience

The Brand Experience is a dive into what makes a great brand.
While the foundation of a basic brand is a combination of quality
design and positive or negative media, a great brand can change
the community consciousness (think Under Armour), change
the culture (think Apple), or change the nation (think President
Obama or President Trump). Talk topics include:

  • creating a brand experience
  • brand evolution
  • customer memory
  • brand impact
  • design and creativity

Awards and Recognition

Isom Global Strategies is proud to have been chosen as an Honoree in the Smart CEO's Corner Stone Awards - Recognizing Impact in Your Community.  

Giving and Receiving: Sixty percent of IGS’ employees are millennials. DC has provided the company with a large pool of this kind of talent, given the large number of major universities in the area. As a way of saying thank you to the community, IGS has selected several nonprofit initiatives it will support with financial donations and volunteer time. For example, IGS supports The Wayne Foundation, which helps young girls trying to flee the sex trafficking industry. “I myself grew up in the inner city, so I’ve always had a heart for people trying to improve their circumstances,” says Isom.

Lasting Impact: “I want to impact my community by continuing to hire millennials in the workplace, becoming a training ground for them and building our reputation as a force to be reckoned with,” says Isom.

“Whether the CEO is interested in entrepreneurship, service or economic philanthropy, there is something out there to suit that. For IGS, it’s all three.”

Towan Isom - Isom Glogal Strategies


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