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How to Build an Empire:
The Refiner

E File | Posted on March 17, 2010

Everyone wants to be the boss, but do they really want the weight of being in charge? Do they really want the responsibility of what happens when and if everything goes wrong? Out of all the people I've managed in my lifetime, refiners are the most difficult, but most rewarding.

The refiner perfects the idea. Refiners can be misunderstood as critical and not easily impressed, but they are your best ally. They have the ability to make you look like a rock star if your self-esteem can take the criticism. Often said of refiners is "they think they know everything," but that's because they are often very knowledgeable.

Refiner Pros

  • Strong Allies
  • Perfects Ideas
  • Balance Innovator’s Weaknesses

Areas of Improvement

  • Listening and Teamwork
  • Encourage, Don't Criticize
  • Practice More Humility

Refiners need to learn that being right and being influential are not the same—value influence!