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Am I Ready? Is the Timing Right?

E File | Posted on July 09, 2014

Certain things happen because we are ready; other things happen because it's right. Unfortunately, they don't always happen at the same time. That's how I felt this week. IGS was selected to be in a Microsoft commercial that required five days of shooting. In addition, I was invited to speak at the Small Business Administration's National Procurement Center Representative (PCR) Conference, and received four other speaking opportunities on Business Marketing and Entrepreneurship.

These are fantastic opportunities, but they came at the most inconvenient time! My house is in shambles; I fired my old contractor, hired a new contractor, and am staying at a hotel; and business has been a tsunami – though in a good way.

Timing is seldom right, but you may be ready. There are certain things that clearly say when you are ready even if the timing isn't right: 1) Opportunities present themselves — you don't have to search them out; 2) resources are readily available; and 3) you are prepared because you have the experience necessary. I knew I was ready when my experience had transitioned into wisdom and could contribute directly to various small business scenarios with minimal research necessary on my part. Before, when I was young and inexperienced, you couldn't tell me I wasn't ready – although I so wasn't!

What I've come to understand:

  • Limited resources are a clear sign that the timing isn't now. Wait and work toward better timing. God provides for what He calls us to do when we are ready.
  • Experience lets you know you are ready. Today at my speaking engagement, my experience allowed me to respond to participants quickly and easily. I had the experience. I wasn't a novice anymore.

And hey! — my presentation was well received! Although the timing was not ideal, I was ready.