21 Reasons Why People Become An Entrepreneur

E File | Posted on August 13, 2019

In this article, I will tell you the top 21 reasons why you should own your own business instead of working for someone else. In today’s world it often is surprising that someone has their own business, but why would you want to be an employee when instead you can act like the boss?

There are many ways and reasons to become an entrepreneur. A key reason is the profits you can gain as an entrepreneur, while other reasons may vary based on your goals and aspirations. Some facts have revealed that salaried individuals, regardless of salary amount, are not likely to live according to their wishes. Entrepreneurs, however, have the freedom to take decisions that foster independence, satisfaction, and comfort.

Many people think trying to be an entrepreneur is highly risky, with too many obstacles and pathways to failure and ruin. Instead,you should consider that choosing to avoid risky paths can prevent you from achieving success. Perhaps it is risky, but entrepreneurship is the best career change to improve your situation.

Another way to look at it is the winners in life are never afraid to do something new. If you do not go, you will never know the actual situation. Instead, take a risk and do whatever you want and unlock the ocean of new opportunities. It is the only way to overcome your fear, since as the saying goes “fear is nothing but a state of mind.”Rather than being afraid of attempting new things, the more you try and the more you learn will improve your likelihood of success.

Now I am going to tell you the 21 best reasons to become an entrepreneur, sinceit is fantastic to become one.


The best thing I have heard about entrepreneurship is freedom. Everyone should have the chance to enjoy freedom. No one likes to work under pressure. Your own business gives you freedom, you are your boss and it is a fantastic thing. Who has a keen interest in entrepreneurship? Who excels in creative thinking? Perhaps you have heard about Elon Musk. His net worth is in the billions of dollars, and he owns seven high-growth businesses, including Tesla Cars, Solar City, and SpaceX. His company SpaceX recently launched a rocket to help NASA. Now, SpaceX is launching a mission to Mars hoping to one day settle humans there.


Many reasons motivate people to become an entrepreneur.Doing so gives you a better opportunity to become the best version of yourself. In business, you know how to deal with new people and new situations. However, let me tell you, if you do not recreate yourself within 90 days then you do not have the ability to own a business. You are not going to do something new. While many chances exist for becoming a good businessperson, you must make and honour a commitment with yourself. People wonder whether they can make significant personal changes within 90 days, but scientific proof exists that within 21 days you can recreate yourself and change bad habits into new and productive practices, while perhaps it takes 90 days to change lifestyles.


Some people want to create a brand, or a ‘tribe’ or a ‘nation’ such as Disney World and Disney Land, two phenomenal ‘worlds,’ built by the Walt Disney Company. But did you know that Mr. Disney was once rejected by a new channel company that said he lacked imagination? Walt Disney made his world by the power of imagination, and I think everyone has the potential to create something new and exciting of their own. Entrepreneurship allows you to build something fascinating. You know that pride is not deadly, it is healthy. If you successfully develop something that you are always proud of you can live king-sized life.


In entrepreneurship you can be a winner if you are dedicated to what you are doing. Your victory stays with you, versus with a job the victory leaves when you change jobs.Many people are not satisfied with their work or job, but why is that? I will tell you. More than 90% of people never decide what they want from life, though many have thought about what they will become. Only 2% of people understand what it takes to grow in life and where they want to go. With entrepreneurship, you always feel free and like a winner. You neither seek job promotion nor fear job loss. You can work virtually from anywhere, while employees must work at the office or store. The entrepreneur need not worry about being on time to work, or adhere the 9 to 5 routine. You are your only boss. You hold your key to success.


A successful business can earn you a lot of money. Being an entrepreneur is the best profession for making a lot of money since in business you have no limit on your earnings. Owning the company gives you an excellent opportunity to become a billionaire. With good marketing you can earn more than that of your dreams.A good example is the Bijou appdeveloped by a software engineer who has passed out from IITs . The app was built and launched in 2009, and according to recent coverage in the Times of India,after 10 years of work the developer became the next billionaire in India. Therefore, I am telling you why everyone should join the best profession ofbeing anentrepreneur.


Do not think that you necessarily need a higher degree, such as an MBA or master’s degree in engineering. Most successful business people have established their brilliance regardless of what formal education and degree they have. Problem-solving and the ability to perform well under pressure and in stressful situations are keys to success. In business you will learn or sharpen those skills and others, and will learn to anticipate and overcome obstacles to success.


Most people do not like being stuck in the 9 to 5 routine. Why is this is a reason to become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship provides you the freedom to do whatever you love to do, on your own schedule. Many people assume they are stuck in 9 to 5, but when self-employed you can work as you like. The business gives you freedom in how and when you work. Most people think that working in a store or an office means work can be taken lightly, while entrepreneurs, on the other hand, have no time for entertainment. Many people cannot imagine how hard entrepreneurs work to run a business, but most enjoy the more open and free lifestyle versus the 9 to 5 routine.


While we live in a beautiful society, for many the allure of traveling the world and experiencing or perhaps living in the cultures of other countries is powerful. However, most people assume that they are stuck for life in one place. They never dare to leave, even if only temporarily. Business or entrepreneurship gives you the freedom to make more choices and live life more openly and freely. Such people are clear in their minds that they have to live a king-sized life, including possibly living in more than one country. It is fantastic to be able to live in more than one country.


A passion for learning is a common reason for joining the best profession of being an entrepreneur. Some people are driven toward education and have a keen interest in learning everything. Learning is a major reason why people change from ordinary to extraordinary. I am also passionate about learning and helping others do so. I want to share my knowledge in the areas of space, archaeology, ancient things, science, and technology. Almost every business person has to learn more, more and more, and thus wants to know how the word has been running for a long time.


People in business are creative thinkers. They constantly look for ways to change (improve) how people live. They want to do something innovative or profitable for the world. Earlier I mentioned Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX. He is thinking about how to build colonies on Mars. He said that over time Earth has come to have no more room for everyone, it is full, and humans must build colonies on another planet such as Mars. Whether due to climate change, nuclear war, or something else, some people believe that sooner or later we may have to leave and develop a new civilization elsewhere. I think you can see why every businessperson should be creative.


You know the benefits of being an entrepreneur, but do you believe that you are changing your whole life, or wonder whether you could have created your life as you want? Entrepreneurship is the key that allows you to make new choices for yourself and your family. It allows you to live like your own boss, and live the way you choose. As an entrepreneur, you control how you operate and command your business. You are the leader of your world, the world you created. You can decorate and run your world as you see fit for yourself and your family.


When people look up at you, they imagine that you are their role model and they will be inspired by you. You are the hero of your family, friends, community, and maybe the world. Business or entrepreneurship allows you to become a role model.


In a job, most people worry that they will never see enough profits from their hard work. They feel like they work for free, and often that is the real reason why people want to quit a job. Because of that, there is no opportunity to live freely. Even with incremental changes in position and income, if you want to gain more than enough then you have to build an empire. You create this. You are the owner of it. You get out what you put in, and that allows you to earn more money and have more freedom and control than you have ever dreamed of.


You are not going to be happy when you are not enjoying things, and are not free to go everywhere or do anything. Entrepreneurship is the way that you can live your life as you want. You are freer to engage and enjoy your personal interests, hobbies, etc. and do unique and enjoyable things. An entrepreneur, like a lion, never settles for too few conquests in life. You do not want to settle into situations where you have to think about quitting your job to be able to do whatever you want and enjoy your life.


If you want to create a solid inheritance and legacy to leave behind then build something new and continue to develop it. As I said earlier, by becoming a businessperson you expand your income and freedom, but you also may be creating an income stream and business asset to share with others or leave behind in your will. This will help others who are important to you to avoid or soften the impacts of the 9 to 5 regime, and enjoy the high income and personal and professional freedom on the way to a king-sized life.


There is a saying "always do what you love," and that means you can turn your love into your profession. This is the only way to achieve boundless satisfaction. It is excellent to be able to do what you want to do in your life. Most people never know what they love to do or how to reach a limitless life. Not everyone gets the chance to live a king-sized life. A major step is to identify what you love and look for connections between those things and entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurs are among the most successful persons in society and have the skills to make people happy. I have listened to many speeches by great leaders such as Napoleon Hill, Elon Musk, Denzel Washington, and others. They are leaders in their respective fields. They always say that if you can make people happy, including your family, then you surely deserve success. Making people happy is a skill to build your life around. Everything in life works on the rule "every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” The entrepreneur always remembers that this rule is applicable in all situations and places. They know that if we make people happy, people will do exactly as we do with equal frequency.


You know that security always matters. Maybe in your job you have felt insecure and have thought about how to overcome that or what is causing it. When you or your family are suddenly stuck in a difficult situation, entrepreneurship gives you the freedom and security to respond and live life with less stress.


Some people live life like hell. For work, they wake up early, get ready in a hurry, spend time in a stressful commute (crowded, unreliable, expensive, etc.), and return home in a very restless condition. This is their daily routine, but they feel it is so hard to follow day after day. They do not have the time or energy to do something creative or enjoyable. Their lives have little variety or distraction. If you are not interested in living like that, and would rather control your own schedule and pace, then entrepreneurship is the best choice for you.


Are you thinking about why become an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship is very popular these days. More and more young people are considering starting a business. There is always a right time to do the right thing, but you must consider what you have to do. If you have a dream to build an organization or business then perhaps you should hurry because the world is full of players. However, it still needs game-changers with advanced skills to boost what they are doing. You can create your dream life. Entrepreneurship has the option to create and live your life according to you.


Most people assume that they are not born to do the work they are actually doing. Being creative and having the ability to solve business problems can be a way out of that situation. People who believe in their own ability to create new things ask why waste time in a typical job environment, when instead they could dive into entrepreneurship and their own way of earning and living. By doing so you will be able to get the personal and financial benefits of being an entrepreneur. You will access the unbounded ocean of opportunities, possibilities, and freedom to go anywhere. You will have achieved everything within your great potential, and will be able to live like a king and have the money to do anything.

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