Managing Millennials Toolkit
In this essential guide for today’s business leader, Towan offers her expert insight on tapping into the innovation, creativity and passion of millennial employees to build winning relationships that can propel your company to its next level. Grab Towan’s comprehensive resource to learn everything you need to know about fostering win-win relationships with your millennial employees.

Chasing Greatness
A motivational call to professionals of all ages to live extraordinary lives, this book offers an actionable roadmap to real success. With an ideal blend of career and entrepreneurship advice, refreshing honesty and practical life lessons, Towan urges readers to harness their leadership acumen and propensity for achievement to chase their greatness with reckless abandon. Available on Amazon


When I take a stage, it is always a fresh opportunity to share my life experience, stories, trials and triumphs to empower and encourage.

Towan Isom