Mastering Millennials: Are They Entitled or Just Too Dang Confident?

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mastering millennials

Mastering Millennials She walked into the office for the interview. No suit like a Gen-Xer would wear, but business casual at least, and with a smile full of potential. Nonchalant in tone; smart; not enthusiastic, yet happy for the opportunity. “You’re hired,” said the CEO (me). “I could use you at the company. You don’t have the experience, but I’m … Read More

Four C’s That Define a Leader

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four cs that define a leader

What a stressful week, and its only Wednesday. Last week I had a liberating conversation with a twenty something year old about leadership. Like most people her age, she believes leadership is defined by our credentials, accomplishments, even our own delusions of grandeur. Bright as she is, she hasn’t quite mastered that real leadership is defined by your influence, not … Read More

How Well Do You Know Yourself?

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ask yourself

My goal in life is to know myself fully. We should know ourselves more completely than anyone else does. Our emotional intelligence (EI), our ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions, is critical to monitoring emotions. Some researchers suggest that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, while others claim it is an inborn characteristic. A well-balanced individual is adequate … Read More

How Do You Become Valuable?

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how to become valuable

Come to our office and you would experience 15-hour days interrupted by conversations on everything from breast implants and religion to pop culture and how to fry chicken. Not the most common work place today, but we’ve managed to win a substantial amount of business doing what we do very well – being smart, innovative, providing good customer service, and … Read More

How to Win and Win Again

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Yesterday I had a mentoring conversation with a team member. The conversation was prompted by a new contract. Interestingly enough, we worked with this client before. It started great, but ended not-so-great. I like to win, so of course I wasn’t happy, but I have the maturity to learn from my mistakes. So when the opportunity presented itself to work … Read More