How to Build an Empire: The Innovator

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How to Build an Empire

As an entrepreneur with a consulting firm, I am hired by companies for a variety of services, from program design to conference and meeting planning. Working as a transplant in these organizations enables me to be both a spectator and a participant in growing their business, reaching a new audience, or simply expanding their existing customer base. As you can … Read More

How to Build an Empire: The Refiner

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how to build an empire, the refiner

Everyone wants to be the boss, but do they really want the weight of being in charge? Do they really want the responsibility of what happens when and if everything goes wrong? Out of all the people I’ve managed in my lifetime, refiners are the most difficult, but most rewarding. The refiner perfects the idea. Refiners can be misunderstood as … Read More

How to Build an Empire: The Transformer

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How to build an empire

Welcome to the era of the “Rock Star.” Probably the most important person in building an empire, the transformer is the catalyst; they accelerate a reaction to bring change for gain. Often called charismatic people, catalysts add life to an idea. defines charisma as a spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of … Read More

How to Build an Empire: The Closer

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how to build an empire, the closer

Whether you agree or not, Healthcare Reform is a result of the work of a Closer. Many of us start numerous things, but how many of us really finish. Closers finish what they start…no matter the cost—even a 2012 Presidential election if the tea party patrol have their way…but we sincerely hope not. The last contributor to the global empire … Read More

Do You Maneuver or Manipulate?

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maneuver or manipulate

Heading back from vacation recently, a friend and I started discussing how much we had changed since our 20s. We started to discuss the plight of today’s professionals and their ability to migrate through the corporate infrastructure successfully. The conversation started with a subtle discussion based on Malcolm Gladwell’s book “The Outliers,” which, so far, is shaping up to be … Read More

Would You Opt to Compromise Loyalty for Great Leadership?

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Would you opt to compromise loyalty

This week a series of events led me to ponder the most important question of my professional career…Is it more important to have great leadership or loyalty? In today’s era when everything is about the almighty dollar, how do we create a space where employee loyalty is equally as valuable? Great leadership can create jobs and increase revenue, but employee … Read More

The E-Factor

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the e-factor

As I celebrate my mom’s birthday today, I’m reminded of key lessons she taught me that have tremendously benefited me in my adult life, both personally and professionally. Two examples: Be kind and only touch what’s yours, and Go with your gut. Go with your gut—what does that mean? I recently read an article in the Harvard Business Review (September 2010) which … Read More

Communicating Through Conflict

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business conflict

Yesterday I shared some of my 15 years of business expertise with an audience of mid-level executives interested in improving their communication skills. The ultimate takeaway from the session was that conflict is inevitable, but it is manageable. Today’s leaders must become mediators. Mediators transform conflict because they see the larger picture. They don’t see conflicts as distinct, but rather … Read More

Working Well With Others

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working well with others

As a marketing consultant working in various workplaces, I often work with many challenging personality types. Although there are times when you would love to dismiss people, we need others in order to accomplish our goals. Nothing sours an office like the stench of a bad attitude. The most important leadership skill to develop is working well with people, all … Read More