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Set the Expectation

E File | Posted on November 17, 2010

I've come to a recent conclusion that many want a job, but very few people want to work. As we continue to grow our business, finding the right people is essential to our success and to theirs. However, capability and compatibility go hand-in-hand.

Too often, we allow the tides of other people to drift the team places we never intended them to go. When this happens, establishing clear expectations isn't as easy as many think. It requires personal "self" clarity for the organization and the manager. Self clarity is knowing what we want and who we areā€”not only what you want the end product to be like, but how long it should take to get there and the number of steps required.

Without self clarity, it's difficult to set expectations, and the organization stays in constant flux. How you manage that flux is the challenge of a dynamic leader.