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How Well Do You Know Yourself?

M File | Posted on September 01, 2010

My goal in life is to know myself fully. We should know ourselves more completely than anyone else does. Our emotional intelligence (EI), our ability to perceive, control and evaluate emotions, is critical to monitoring emotions. Some researchers suggest that emotional intelligence can be learned and strengthened, while others claim it is an inborn characteristic.

A well-balanced individual is adequate at:

  • Perceiving emotions – the ability to detect and decipher emotions in faces, pictures, and voices.
  • Using emotions – the ability to harness emotions to facilitate various cognitive activities, such as thinking and problem solving.
  • Understanding emotions – the ability to comprehend emotion language and to appreciate complicated relationships among emotions
  • Managing emotions – the ability to regulate emotions in both ourselves and others.

The better I know myself, the easier it is for me to manage my emotions when dealing with others. No one should ever tell you something you don't already know about yourself.